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Last night flick_, j_rockboy and I went to the 'vous.

The Rendezvous' lighting lends a yellow hue to every picture taken there, so unless you Photoshop it out (should I?), your picture's going to be yellowish. I happen to like it because I think it captures the somewhat dingy/greasy-spoon atmosphere, but that could just be the grilled cheese talking. (And believe me, it does.)

j_rockboy and flick_. Aww. Human affection. How revolting. *squee* For this picture I just set the camera on the table, positioned the salt, and shot.

Another one like the previous one. At first I was disappointed at the fact that j_rockboy and flick came out blurry, but then I saw that the cups were in focus and my brain's artsy-fartsy switch flipped on. Is the picture really of the people or the cups? *deep sarcastic existential head-explody*

Okay, so there's not a whole lot of photographic material at the Rendezvous. So shoot me. (Oh my, pardon that awful pun just now.)

May thy plate always be filled with cheddar fries and thy cup overflow.

j_rockboy looks so enthused with that straw in his mouth.


I dunno what he was going for here, but I claim no responsibility for what j_rockboy did when taking this picture of flick_. (It's kinda bad in that artsy way.)

"Are you calling me a bad artitht?"

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful out of focus. Hate me because my armpits smell."

I am the Dark Lord of the Coffee. And of Undyed Roots. (taken by j_rockboy)

My parents are leaving soon for most of the day for a concert. Party at my house! Not really. I have to take a shower still and make a community for j_rockboy's anime piracy project known as The Grail.
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