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Pictures from last night's Rendezvous adventure

We're so pirate, we pay in doubloons. (We got these at a drag show Friday night at MCC - the queens threw them out at various points during their performances along with Mardi Gras beads.)

Drinks are a full meal at the 'vous.

_krystalena and flick_

_krystalena and flick_ again

_krystalena and koalawanghole, trying out for a Tim Burton movie.


flick_ - a truly icon-worthy face.

This was supposed to be a self-photo, but I moved the camera away JUST at the second it took the picture. It resulted in weirdness.

Me and _krystalena. I really like this picture. flick_ took it.

All these photos were taken with no flash. It seems to end up making things sort of an amber color, but I like it better than the nasty harshness of a flash indoors. It makes things so much easier in Photoshop. I took a picture of Sara with the flash, but I don't think it was very flattering. Again, I reiterate that my photography skills leave much to be desired but fuck you man, I'm havin' fun.
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